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vCloudPoint For Education

Educational and academic institutions are continually challenged to do more with less–provide reliable desktop computing for staff, faculty, students and labs with tightly-constrained IT and budgetary resources. vCloudPoint Sharing Computing provide the productivity and flexibility needed to meet those challenges in settings ranging from K-12 to colleges, universities, and technical schools. vCloudPoint zero clients free IT staff from the overhead of refreshing computer labs and training rooms, and let faculty concentrate on curriculum rather than technology.

Key Benefits:

Unlimited Concurrent Video Users
With Integrated Tools For Education
Extremely Easy To Use & Manage

More Benefits:

Reduces the initial PC purchase cost by replacing with lower costs vCloudPoint zero   clients.

Uses only 5 watts on working and generate much less heat thus saving more than 90% of energy that takes for PCs and air conditioning.

Manages one desktop OS and one set of applications for all users instead of one for each user, significantly reducing software maintenance.

Enhances secured public access kiosks and workstations for offices, computer labs and libraries, avoiding malware threats, desktop corruption and equipment theft.

Longer desktop refresh cycles from obsolescence-free vCloudPoint zero clients and better IT leverage with a single host upgrade.

Produces less e-waste & noise for a quiet learning environment and with minimal size to save valuable space in classrooms and labs.

Monitors and controls student desktops from the host computer, assisting or resolving problems remotely at the host computer side.

Delivers rich multimedia including multiple simultaneous high quality video play to enhance a diverse way for learning and teaching.

Enables interactive teaching through the integrated Broadcasting Tool and Chatting Tool.

With a simple login, students are quicker to access their desktops, saving time for class from lengthy system starts.


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