Learn Social

Welcome to Learn Social

A Unique and Innovative way to learn English Online.

How It Works

The Learn Social platform integrates everyday communication tools and peer review into your English courses. Whenever students have to complete a speaking or writing exercise, they first submit their work to their Study Group for review. Students can see one another's answers and give feedback. Students can Improve their answers before submitting them to the teacher for the final grade and feedback.

Peer review us motivating for students and produces better results.

Who's It For?

The Learn Social platform meets the needs of students, teachers and institutions.


The Learn Social platform is easy to use and engaging for students because it allows them to learn English the way they want to. Students are using social tools all the time in their daily lives. They don’t expect to stop just because they are learning – they want to be social while learning too!


Learn Social saves teacher’s time with automatic grading, allows teachers to interact with students outside class and gives them tools to track progress and monitor scores.


The platform can be branded to your institution as well as providing high-quality materials in a way that meets the expectations of today’s students. Choosing Learn Social will make your students feel part of an institution that is keeping pace with technology.


The Learn Social Platform provides a range of features users to learn and teach in completely new and motivating ways.

Feature List



Social Learning

One Platform, Many Courses

Works on any Device

Available Online and Offline

Variety of Exercise Types

Automatic Grading

Local Language Support



Admin of Group/Class

Teacher Feedback