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The professional editing tools offered by Office help you create work documents,

spreadsheets and slides with ease and efficiency, while real-time synchronization and

saving allows your team to achieve solid productivity and ensure data security at the same time.

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Easy collaboration

Real-time syncing

Multiple team members can work simultaneously on one document and interact by leaving comments to boost productivity and achieve effective collaboration.


Immediate communication

Chat plug-in allows you to conduct quick discussion while working on documents, and with the notification feature, you’ll never miss any important updates.


Seamlessly integrated with Synology Drive

Synology Office 3.0 is fully integrated with Synology Drive. Therefore, you can access and manage all your

Office data in the Drive package, while all the sync and share functions in Drive can be operated on Office files as well.

Learn more about Synology Drive

Compatible with Excel, Word and PowerPoint

Excel, Word and PowerPoint files can be converted into spreadsheets, documents and slides on Synology Office, and vice versa.

Data privacy and security

We ensure the security and privacy of your brainstorming achievements.


Private cloud

Enjoy the convenience and usability of public cloud services as well as the data security guaranteed by private clouds.


Encrypted files

Encrypt your confidential spreadsheets and documents to acquire advanced protection.


History versions

Navigate all revisions made on your projects with team members and restore any previous version with just a click.

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