Small/Midsized Business

vCloudPoint For Small/Midsize Business

Staying current with hardware and technology is a challenge for any organization and especially for small and medium sized businesses whose IT budget and staff are often highly constrained. The traditional computing with desktop PCs are complex, expensive and also requires several costly software components. For small and medium sized businesses, budgets are tight to cover both hardware and software, managing IT services can prove to be a daunting task. vCloudPoint create a strong technological backbone that allows these businesses to avoid the common problem of growing at a rate that is too fast for their infrastructure to handle.

Key Benefits:

Secure User Isolation
Rich User Experience
Great Flexibility & Simplicity

More Benefits:

There is a significant reduction in the upfront cost when the vCloudPoint zero clients replace the traditional PCs.

vCloudPoint zero clients consume extremely low amount of power, ranging between 0.2 – 5 watts, which calculates to the energy savings up to 90%.

Central management of resources from the data center minimizes the management and administrative workloads and support overhead by up to 70%.

Shared server hardware and software can be refreshed from the data center that saves both refresh budgets and time from weeks to hours.

With no hardware and software, vCloudPoint zero clients make the endpoints free from the hassles of maintenance, virus attacks and constant patch and updates.

By only creating user accounts and connecting zero clients, deploying for an entire organization takes just a few hours and provisioning a workstation for a new user is within a minute.

Users are provided a self-own workspace on a sharing environment, achieving secure user isolation while maximizing employee productivity.

Convenient desktop roaming enables a user to sign off from one client workstation and have their session “follow” them to another workstation, providing great flexibility in the workplace.

Switchable desktop experience improves flexibility in different scenarios of either optimum experience, maximum working users or a balance of the above two is first concerned.

Allows each user’s desktop to be tailored to be needs of specific engagements and customize with specific settings like audio, USB and video, as he actually needs.

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